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Company History

  • On March 06,1962, Antonio Dotta started its activities as an independent accounting.
  • In January 1973, Anthony Dotta structure the first accounting firm in the city of Farroupilha, Rio Grande do Sul, with the company's name Conor Office Ltd;
  • In 1975, Coplane was formed;
  • In 1988, following its groundbreaking tradition, it became the first office in the region to enter the age of IT;
  • In 1995 it introduced the system of cells, which gives more security and continuity to the work process;
  • In 1996 Antônio Luís Dotta joins in as an associate member;
  • In 2003, thanks to strategic planning, the company goes through re-structuring, and starts a series of processes with the purpose of meeting customers’ needs more effectively:
    • Investment in human resources – focus on employees’ college education and post-graduation.
    • Coplane starts offering its customers with in-company accounting services;
    • Participation in Social Projects;
    • More investments in technology;
  • In 2006 takes part of the foundation of Instituto Eckart;
  • In 2008 Elisa Milesi becomes an associate member of the Group;
  • In 2008 becomes a member of CDI Global - Corporate Development International Inc.


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