COPLANE has a complete structure that makes it possible to offer agility and flexibility to customers. With investments made on personnel education, allying technical and academic knowledge, COPLANE outstands for consolidating a team of differentiated and highly qualified professionals.

The team comprises the following:

  • 48% of employees have Complete College and Post-graduation
  • 33% of employees are enrolled College
  • 19% of employees have completed high school

Professionals responsible for each Coplane Unit:

  • Accounting Unit - Coplane: Elisa Milesi
  • Accounting Unit - Coplane Serrana: Grasiela Deitos
  • Business Management Unit: Antonio Luis and Elisa Dotta Milesi
  • Business Unit:
  • Antônio Luís Dotta
  • Unit Occupational Medicine: Belania Biscoli Rachel Serafin
  • Social Unit: Antônio Dotta


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